Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pagan Blessings


Pagan Blessings

Oh Goddess sweet and true
Bless me now in all I do
Help me know which path is right
and stay with me throughout the night

Daily Prayer to Goddess

Bless me, Goddess, on this day
Help me as I work and play
To reflect your beauty now
Lend your strength and please allow
This day to be all it should be,
In love I ask this, Blessed be

Meal Blessing

Lord and Lady, watch over us,
and bless us as we eat.
Bless this food, this bounty of earth,
we thank you, so mote it be.

Bedtime Prayer

1. Mother of all things, watch over me tonight,
Hold me in your arms, until the morning light.

2. Blessed be the mother goddess, by all her many names.
May she bless my family and friends.
May she bless the animals of the world,
and all people everywhere.

3. Diana, goddess of the moon,
Shining in the sky above,
Bathe me in your magical light,
And protect me with your love.

Pentacle Chant

By the Pentacle I wear
Water Fire Earth and Air
Ruled by spirit inside of me
As i will it, so mote it be!

Yule Blessing

Oh Velvet Night
we honor you in your wisdom
your beauty, your repose, and your peace.
Protect the seeds that slumber at the peak of your power and reveal to us what
you would as we sleep under your spell.
Earth Mother, Sky Father, may your dance continue forever more
and spin us to light so we may wake with greater knowledge.  Blessed Yule. So mote it be.

New Year

Out with the old
In with the new
Winds of Change
I welcome you

Monday, December 28, 2015

Full Moons 2016

Full Moons 2016

Here are the names and dates of the full moons for 2016.  The first full moon of the new year will be the Wolf Moon on January 24th!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Oh Velvet Night Blessed Yule

Oh Velvet Night
we honor you in your wisdom
your beauty, your repose, and your peace.
Protect the seeds that slumber at the peak of your power and reveal to us what
you would as we sleep under your spell.
Earth Mother, Sky Father, may your dance continue forever more
and spin us to light so we may wake with greater knowledge.
blessed Yule. So mote it be.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Classic Christmas Movies

Classic Christmas Movies

Here is a list of some of my favorite Christmas movies to watch and some that are set during December/Christmas.  These movies are not in any particular order of preference.

The Grinch 2000 Jim Carrey

Nightmare Before Christmas 1993

Christmas in Connecticut 1945 Barbara Stanwyck

Miracle on 34th Street 1947 Natalie Wood

Elf  2003 Will Ferrell

A Christmas Story 1983

It's a Wonderful Life 1947 Jimmy Stewart

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 1989 Chevy Chase

A Christmas Carol/Scrooge 1951 Alastair Sim

Jingle All The Way 1996  Arnold Schwarzenegger

Holiday Affair 1949 Robert Mitchum/Janet Leigh

The Muppet Christmas Carol 1992

Set During Dec/Xmas:

Batman Returns
It Happened On 5th Avenue
The Apartment
Bell, Book, and Candle
Meet John Doe
Beyond Tomorrow

Remember the Night
The Shop Around the Corner
The Polar Express
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
The Bishop's Wife
Home Alone
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Sunday, December 06, 2015



1 pink candle
1 bottle of 100% Virgin Olive oil
Something to light the candle
Take the candle and place it on a table or your altar.
Now take the olive oil and rub on to the candle starting
in the middle and going up, then starting in the middle
going down.
While purifying the candle with the oil you want to
recharge the candle with love and desire, so visualize
love and channel all your emotion into the candle.
After the oil is finished, take a knife and carve what
it is you want into the candle.
EXAMPLE: I Wish For  love
After finished writing in the candle, simply light it
and concentrate on love and throw as much emotion (love)
into the flame of the candle as possible, you may even
want to add words if you wish.
Sit and do this until the candle has burnt out.
Once the candle has burned out, the spell is finished.



1 lb bulk breakfast sausage
6 Eggs
1/2 c Sour cream
4 tb Chopped onions
4 tb Chopped bell pepper

Brown sausage, onions and bell peppers in heavy skillet.
Drain. Line baking dish with 3/4 of the sausage mixture.
Combine eggs and sour cream. Season to taste. Pour over
sausage mixture. Bake at 350 degrees until eggs are semi-
set. Stir egg mixture and top with remaining sausage.
Bake until eggs are firm.

Yield: Serves 4 to 6.
Category: Casserole, Breakfast

How to Make GOOD Scrambled Eggs?

Anyone who likes eggs for breakfast can appreciate
these tips:

Break eggs into a bowl; allow 2 eggs per person. Whisk
eggs with salt and pepper to taste. In a heavy skillet
over medium heat, melt 1 to 2 tablespoons of butter. When
the butter stops foaming, reduce heat to medium-low. Add
the eggs to the hot pan. After a minute or 2, when the
bottom and edges have begun to cook and solidify, scrape
and lift the edges with a spatula and allow the uncooked
part to run under the part lifted. Fold cooked parts
towards the center. Repeat the scraping, lifting, and
folding until the egg has formed curds. More stirring
will make small curds and less will make larger, fluffier
curds. When the curds are firm but still moist, remove
to plates or serving dish. They will continue cooking
after they leave the pan.

For lighter eggs, add about a tablespoon of milk, water,
or cream for each egg.

For extra flavor and texture, add minced vegetables and/or
ham to the butter and saute for a few minutes before adding
the eggs.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Christmas Eve Salt Cod Fish Recipe

Traditional Portuguese Christmas Eve Dinner

2 lbs boneless salt cod
(Rehydrate Cod by soaking in large pan with water for a few days in fridge changing the water twice a day)
4 lbs small peeled potatoes cut into 1 inch slices
2 large onions
3 gloves chopped garlic
1 bay leaf
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 cup olive oil
6 hard boiled eggs
1 cup olives
2 tsp chopped parsley
2 cloves of chopped garlic or 1 tsp garlic powder


In large pan, place potatoes covered with cold water. Add salt, bring to boil and cook for 10 minutes. Place boneless codfish over boiling potatoes and cook for about 8 minutes or until flaky.

Remove cod fish from pan and set aside to cool. Potatoes should be done but pierce with fork to check. Drain potatoes and set aside to cool. Slice the potatoes into ¼ inch slices.

In large skillet, saute sliced onions, ½ tsp salt and bay leaf in ½ cup of the olive oil until golden brown. Add garlic during the last 2 minutes of cooking. Remove the bay leaf and let the onions cool fir a few minutes.

Grease a large deep oven proof pan with olive oil. Start layering the potatoes, flaked cod then onions.
Drizzle olive oil and pepper over each layer. Add garlic powder if you like more garlic flavor.

 Make sure you end up with onions on top. Cover with foil and cook for about 20 minutes. Arrange cooked egg slices on top of the onion layer.

Cook uncovered for another 5-10 minutes to desired crispness.
Remove from oven and add parsley and olives for garnish. (add more salt, pepper or garlic if desired)

 Recipe Source:  http://portuguesediner.com/tiamaria/bacalhau-gomes-sa/