Friday, August 23, 2013

Queen of The Damned Love Scene

Queen of The Damned Love Scene

Lestat: Akasha!

Akasha: Why so surprised, my love? You've called, I've come.

Lestat: My love?

Akasha: Never fear me, Lestat. All of your wishes have come true.

Lestat: My wishes?

Akasha: For a companion. Someone to share eternity with. You're bold like your music. You live your life in the open like I did... long ago... when I had a king.

Lestat: Had a king?

Akasha: He is no more. Now you are my consort. That's why I kept you safe... alive!

Lestat: You?

Akasha: [smirks] You thought it was all you? The ego of a king as well. Yes! I know you, Lestat. I know you crave to have the world at your feet. So I've come to give it to you.

Lestat: Where are we?

Akasha: We are home. We live everywhere and anywhere we choose. The world is our garden.

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