Friday, March 15, 2013

Protection Spell

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Protection Charm

For this you will need a pentagram pendant and a bowl of salt water. Holding the pendant in your left hand and the bowl of salt water in your right, turn to the West. Slowly pour the water over the pendant as you speak the following charm:

elements of earth and sea
Return to all by power of thee.
That which may be sent to me
Unless I have summoned it to be.
I am protected from this night
By the spirits of power and might.

Wear the pentacle for protection on a daily basis. Once a month, at the dark of the moon, repeat the charm to keep your pentacle properly charged.

Safe Haven Spell

 Home is a haven, a sanctuary. To keep our homes safe, sometimes we need to set up or reinforce our wards. Get out a small tray. On it, assemble a lit candle, some burning incense, and a dish of salt water. Decorate the tray with fresh flowers, crystals, or other talismans. This will be a portable altar. Carry the tray around each room of your home. Wave the incense, walking clockwise around each room, then carry the candle around the room. On your third circle around the room, sprinkle the salt water. As you walk, say:

 I bless my home with love and light. Only these may enter. I bless my home by the four elements, and make it a safe haven for me and my family.

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