Thursday, January 03, 2013

Witch Herbs

Witch Herbs

My favorites herbs are:

Sage- protection, cleansing, consecration, smudging, spiritual purification of home

Rosemary- purification, cleansing, protection, sleep

Basil- protection, love, wealth, fertility

Lavender- peace, joy, love, relaxation, calmness, strength, courage, well being

Rose- love, prophetic dreams, peace, calmness, protection, psychic awareness, divination

Mint- luck, money, travel, healing, headaches

Bay Leaves- psychic visions, dreams, repels negativity

Chamomile- purification, protection, sleep, meditation, love, prosperity

Catnip- friendship, love, joy, strength

Thyme- sleep, healing, purification, warding off negative energy, psychic energy

Dill- love charms, protection against evil spirits and bad dreams

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