Friday, January 18, 2013

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Books on the History of Freemasonry - Dr. David Harrison

Books on the History of Freemasonry - Dr. David Harrison

Dr. David Harrison is a UK based Masonic historian who has so far written three books on the history of English Freemasonry and has contributed articles on the subject to various magazines which deal with the topic of Freemasonry around the world, such as the UK based Freemasonry Today, MQ Magazine, the Square, the US based Knight Templar Magazine, Philalethes and the Australian based New Dawn Magazine. Harrison has also appeared on TV and radio discussing his work.

Having gained his PhD from the University of Liverpool in 2008 which focused on the development of English Freemasonry, the thesis was subsequently published in March 2009 entitled The Genesis of Freemasonry by Lewis Masonic, and his second work entitled The Transformation of Freemasonry was published by Arima Publishing the following year. Both works received critical acclaim. His latest work on The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion and the Wigan Grand Lodge was published by Arima in 2012.

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Witch Herbs

Witch Herbs

My favorites herbs are:

Sage- protection, cleansing, consecration, smudging, spiritual purification of home

Rosemary- purification, cleansing, protection, sleep

Basil- protection, love, wealth, fertility

Lavender- peace, joy, love, relaxation, calmness, strength, courage, well being

Rose- love, prophetic dreams, peace, calmness, protection, psychic awareness, divination

Mint- luck, money, travel, healing, headaches

Bay Leaves- psychic visions, dreams, repels negativity

Chamomile- purification, protection, sleep, meditation, love, prosperity

Catnip- friendship, love, joy, strength

Thyme- sleep, healing, purification, warding off negative energy, psychic energy

Dill- love charms, protection against evil spirits and bad dreams

Eye Color Meaning


Brown eyes - Brown eyes are all about the Earth qualities of a person, including energy, fertility, endurance, creativity, lots of courage, and of course, grounding. And they are not much interested in material gains. They love nature, are spiritual and are very strong and even thick headed at times, very independent.

Black eyes - Oh mystery, sex, witchcraft, secrets, darkness (vampires anyone?). If you've read any romances and especially paranormal romances, you'll notice that all the heroes (and romantic vampires) have black eyes. They are all mysterious and all the attributes listed above can be easily given to each and one of them. They never tell much about themselves and they also are known to have psychic powers. (My eyes are this shade, the darkest brown/black)

Hazel eyes - They are again independent and courageous. They are extremely sensible and they are said to be empaths.

Blue eyes - Blue speaks about clairvoyant abilities (didn't we just say the black eyes are the psychic ones?), and can see the future and the past like Nostradamus or Edgar Caycee. They are also very observant of their surroundings. Blue speaks of the energy of the sky and water.

Green eyes - Would you be surprised if I told you that green eyes are all about the nature, healthy living, freshness? These people of all types are compassionate and they are spiritual in nature. They are our healers.

Gray eyes - These folks are also sensitive and have an inner strength that not many others possess. They have a deep wisdom and can change their mood to suit the current occasion.