Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Miniature May Pole Craft

Miniature May Pole
This May Day craft makes a fine lawn ornament or table centerpiece for your Beltane holiday. You can make it as small as six inches high, or up to three or four feet tall if you prefer- it's up to you.

You Will Need:

1 fairly straight, sturdy branch (the height you desire), Flowerpot, Cardboard, Pencil, Scissor, Glue (optional), Sand, Spanish moss, 8 ribbons with wire in them (color and length that you like)

Start with a stick, and break off all smaller branches so it is a single, straight (fairly) stick. If you want, you can peel off bark, sand and even stain and paint it- but you can also leave it as close to natural as you found it. It's a Wiccan craft, there is no right or wrong on how to decorate it; it's up to you. When determining the height of your stick, mind you that 1/3 of it will be buried in the pot for stability.

Get your container, which should be at least 1/3 the height of your pole to ensure the pole is sturdy. So if you have a 2 feet high pole, you'll want an 8 inch high flowerpot.

Place your flower pot on a piece of scrap cardboard and trace around it. Trim to make a cardboard insert that perfectly fits in the bottom of the pot. Glue it down to the bottom, if desired. If you want to keep the mini May pole on a porch or in the house, this will prevent sand from escaping.

Fill the container half-way with sand. Set the pole in the center. Water the sand lightly and tamp it down. Fill it the rest of the way, dampening it lightly and tamping it down around the pole, until the pole stands up straight.

Tie ribbons around the top tip of the pole. Fan them out around the pole and arrange them as you please- twist them, curl them, bend them gently to indicate movement.

Cover the top of the sand with Spanish moss and display for your Beltane holiday

* If you prefer, you can use potting soil and grow grass, chives or flowers around the pole.

** Another variation would be dispensing with the flower pot altogether and sticking the pole straight into the ground.

Source: YahooTarot

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Molly Harrison Art

Molly Harrison Art

I love these beautiful art pieces done by Molly Harrison.  Available for purchase at her shop.