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Magical Associations of Trees

Magical Associations of Trees

Acacia: Symbolizes purity, air, and used in initiations,
psychic workings, and protection. Also viewed as a
Mother tree, the gum from it symbolizing menstrual
blood. Tree of the Egyptian goddess Neith, Osirus,
Astarte, Ishtar, and Diana.

Alder: Sacred to the god Bran. Represents
resurrection, rebirth, and fire.

Apple: Used in love Magick and also for peace,
happiness, prosperity, perpetual youth, and healing.
Represents water. Associated with Venus, Hercules,
Diana, Apollo, Hera, Athena, and Idunn.

Ash: Represents water, the Universal Mother, and
the source for unborn souls. Used in healing,
protection, and sea Magick. Traditional Yule log.
Associated with Poseidon, Neptune, Woden, Thor,
and Mars.

Aspen: Used for phyllomancy which is divination by
leaf rustling. Used for protection.

Birch: Sacred to Cerridwen and represents beginnings
and births. Used for purifications and blessings.

Cedar: Used for purification, prosperity, and
longevity. Represents earth, spirituality and

Cypress: Used for Maypoles, easing losses, healing,
past life workings, and protection. Represents

Elder: A witch tree and often used to make wands.
Used for healing, love, protection, and. Sacred
to the goddess Hel. Represents air. Associated
with Venus.

Elm: Represents primordial female powers. Used
for protection.

Fir: Symbolizes youth and vitality. Used in
prosperity magic.

Hawthorne: Called the May tree. Represents water
and the White Goddess Maia.
Used for female sexuality, cleansing, marriage,
love, and protection.

Hazel: Sacred to witches and the Celtic sea god
Manannan. Often used to make all-purpose wands
and used in fertility, divination, marriage,
protection, and reconciliation. Symbolizes female
wisdom and air. Associated with Artemis and Diana.

Holly: Represents fire. Used for protection.

Linden: Used for prophesies and protection.

Maple: Used for love and divination.

Oak: Used for healing, strength, protection,
masculinity and for fertility magic. Represents
fire. Associated with Dagda, Dianus, Jupiter,
Zeus, Cybele, Rhea, Janus, Cernunnos, and Herne.

Palm: Metaphor for Osiris's penis. Used for male
fertility, strength, and virility.

Pine: Symbolizes immortality and represents earth.
Pine cones represent fertility. Used for purification,
health, fortune, fertility, and prosperity. Associated
with Pan, Attis, Venus, and Cybele.

Rowan: Used for protection, healing, and strength.
Represents fire.

Willow: Represents water. Used in moon, wishing
magic, healing, protection, enchantments, and
easy delivery of babies. Associated with Artemis,
Persephone, Hecate, Ceres, Hera, and Circe.

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