Tuesday, November 01, 2011

How to Make Simple Luminarias

How to Make Simple Luminarias

Ahh it's November the start of the holiday season, well Halloween/Samhain really is the start of the season. I always feel this time of year is so magical and there is a certain warmth amongst all of us. People seem a bit more giving and friendly.

The days are much shorter now, it gets dark really early and time to set the clocks back. One way to bring light into these dark times is by lighting candles of all kinds in your home and around your exterior for the holiday season. Here is a simple way to make luminarias for the approaching holidays.

Simple Luminarias

Set votive candles in sand inside white paper bags (flame retardant paper would be best). Line these paper luminarias along walk ways and driveways or place some near your foundation gardens with evergreens. These luminarias look awesome when added to your Christmas or Yule lighting, especially on Christmas eve. Be careful when setting these outside. It is said that it is best to use these when there is snow on the ground for obvious reasons.

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