Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Simmering Potpourris

Simmering Potpourris

Another way to infuse a little magick in your home is to simmer some potpourri.
Toss some herbs in a pot along with a few drops of fragrant oil and water and slowly simmer. As the properties
of the herbs and oils released throughout the house, the atmosphere changes. Always keep watch of your simmering pot to make sure you still have liquid in it.

Simmering Peace: vanilla extract, almond extract, lemon balm, apple
slices and/or apple oil or simply use apple juice or cider in place of
the water you would simmer the herbs in. Toss in a bit of clove or
cinnamon as a catalyst to kick the whole thing off.

Simmering Prosperity: chamomile flowers, lemon slices, basil, bay leaves, pine needles, ginger

Simmering Love: pink rose petals, rose oil, cardamom.

Simmering Romance: red rose petals, coriander seeds, patchouli, and red wine to simmer it in.

Simmering Creativity: yellow rose petals, star anise, orange slices, peel or oil, instant coffee.

Simmering Protection: 3 bay leaves, peppermint, rosemary, elder flowers, hyssop, lavender oil.

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