Saturday, August 27, 2011

Correspondences For Days of The Week

Correspondences for the Days of the week

Ruled by the Moon. Spells involving emotions, domestic
issues, the subconscious, and feminine issues. A good day
for psychic pursuits and dream work.

Ruled by Mars. Spells for self-assertion, more energy,
and courage. Victory and passion are also indicated,
as well as masculine goals in general.

Ruled by Mercury. Spells involving mental issues,
communication, education and self-expression.
Also as day for consulting oracles (tarot, runes),
planning magickal work, and writing.

Ruled by Jupiter. Spells for prosperity and money,
luck and business. Also a day for political power,
influencing people in high places, law and courts.

Ruled by Venus. Spells for love, friendship, beauty,
sensuality, healing, peace and harmony. Also, a good
day for spells for artistic ability and creativity

Ruled by Saturn. Spells to overcome obstacles,
neutralizing harmful energy, binding and banishing.
A day for protecting by blocking or pushing away
negative forces.

Ruled by the Sun. Spells of many kinds may be done on
Sunday, the Sun giving energy to them all, but best for
healing and success. Spells for physical strength,
obtaining goals, illumination, and initiating any
magickal activity.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Transformation of Freemasonry - David Harrison

The Transformation of Freemasonry - David Harrison

The Transformation of Freemasonry - David Harrison

Author historian David Harrison always hits the mark with his books. The Transformation of Freemasonry is his follow up book to The Genesis of Freemasonry, both books are highly informative and well written. Not only are they well written they're a refreshing read for any one interested in Freemasonry and the history of this brotherhood.

Harrison gives you an inside look at Freemasonry in England, Wales, Liverpool & cross the Atlantic. He takes you through the Unlawful Societies Act of 1799, the rise of the middle class within Freemasonry, the Slave Trade, Trans-Atlantic Networking, The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion, The Royal Arch, Fashion in Freemasonry. You'll see how Freemasonry appealed to Victorian Occultist & how it transformed itself in the Victorian era flourishing & expanding during the 1850 thru 1930's. It mentions Freemason and writer Arthur Edward Waite, who co-created the influential Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot card deck, which displays lots of Masonic elements & symbolism in the artwork.

This book is rich with history and has cool photos of Masonic Halls, buildings, gravestones, monuments, clippings of period advertisments for the coronation of William IV.

Harrison's book appealed to me because he covers the victorian era, & I'm a designer of gothic victorian rock jewelry. Reading about that time period was very interesting to me & to see how Freemasonry kept evolving. In my opinion most people will find this book a wonderful addition to their library & a great follow up to his first book The Genesis of Freemasonry.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Four Elements Banishment

Four Elements Banishment

Take four small pieces of paper and write the name of the person you want out of your life on each of them. (Or describe the thing or problem you want to get rid of).

One piece gets burned (fire), one gets flushed down the toilet (water), one gets buried (earth), one gets torn into tiny, tiny pieces and tossed into the wind (air).

As you get rid of each one, say the following: "Through the power of fire (earth, etc.), I banish you from my life. Your influence is burned (washed away, buried, blown away) and you no longer affect me."

You can add any extra bells and whistles you like. About the burial part - if you use a small piece of paper it will biodegrade relatively quickly, taking this person's influence with it.