Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lobster Egg Rolls Recipe

I found this perfect summer time appetizer or even light meal. It's a lobster egg roll, but you could adjust it by putting any kind of shredded meat filling as well. This is the basic recipe. Enjoy!

Lobster Egg Rolls: A Visual, Step-by-Step Guide
By Kim Knox Beckius

Lobster Egg Rolls are easy to make and a perfect recipe for leftover lobster meat. Make egg rolls with New England flair with this step-by-step, visual guide to how to cook Lobster Egg Rolls with Maple Honey Soy Dipping Sauce.
First, you'll want to prepare the vegetables. We had a colossal cabbage, grown by the local farm that delivers vegetables to our door via their CSA program, so we only shredded half a head. Adjust the quantity of cabbage based on the number of Lobster Egg Rolls you'd like to prepare. We wound up with enough filling for 15 egg rolls.
Get step by step recipe here

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