Monday, June 13, 2011

Candles & Tarot in Love Spells


Depending on your intentions choose your cards
and candle color.

Red - for new (romance beginnings) or extra
will power

Blue - emotional encounters

Green - physical encounters

Purple - wisdom and sensuality

White - intellectual encounters, also an all
purpose color especially if trying to change
an unpleasant or stressful situation

Black - for strength and protection

Select Major Arcana

The cards can represent a person with the
qualities or the qualities themselves within
a situation

The Fool - unconventional, a new way of life,
freedom from inhibitions

The Magician - Confidence, virility, creative

The Priestess - Spiritual wisdom, celibacy,
inner guidance

The Empress - Fertility, maternal love emotional
stability and fulfillment

The Emperor - Responsibility, authority,
conventional thought and behavior and discipline

The Lovers - for the purpose of a Tarot charm
this card can represent a close loving relationship
or marriage if the right way up or reversed,
temptation or difficult choices

The Star - Broadening horizons, new experiences

The Moon - Awkward situation which needs to be
resolved by yourself, listen to intuitions and

The Sun - Contentment, optimism, light heartedness
and joy

The World - Successful outcome of your endeavors

The Court Cards (whos who?)

These can be chosen by either the characteristics
they represent or by their astrological or elemental
associations, your choice

Wands- Aries Leo Sagittarius, Fire

Cups - Cancer Scorpio Pisces, Water

Swords - Gemini Libra Aquarius, Air

Pentacles - Taurus Virgo Capricorn, Earth

Source YahooGroup ADailyTarot

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