Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sea Salt Protection Spell

A couple of nights ago I was by the ocean - the moon a crescent shape, misty clouds in the sky with some stars shining. The air was cool, I could hear the roar of the ocean and gazed upon it in the darkness. You see the white foam rolling licking the seashore. I felt a sense of one with the universe at that moment looking at the ocean, then up at the starry sky.

I feel it is very good for the soul to go out in nature, quietly just get intune to nature, especially the sea, it's very cleansing indeed just being near it.

I found this spell where you use sea salt in a bath & thought I'd share it.

Sea Salt Protection Spell

People over the world agree that salt has cleansing, restorative, and curative powers. In order to rid yourself of negativity, you can't go wrong using sea salt. Sea salt holds many of the essential healing properties of nature. To increase strength, luck, and fortitude, go to your grocer or health-food store and buy sea salt. Spread the salt on the areas you wish cleansed. Lightly sprinkle sea salt into your bath, saying:

Salt of ocean,
Salt of earth,
From ocean I sprang, upon my birth.
With Venus I rose above sea and shell,
The power of salt makes everything well.

So mote it be.

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