Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Luck Penny Day

Good Luck Penny Day

Today is 'Lucky Penny Day'...Since most people don't turn in pennies all that much, all of us have jars and cans full of pennies. If we take them to the bank we can see just how much money we have just laying around, but remember save a few pennies for good luck :)

Let's take a look at some of the legends and mythology surrounding the penny. First comes the advice that you should always carry a penny with you for luck. Some say that tossing a penny overboard will guarantee safe sea passage while others believe that keeping a jar of pennies in the kitchen (the room of abundance, according to Feng Shui) will not only bring good luck but big money into the home. If you're giving a gift of a wallet or purse you should always put a penny inside of it for extra luck. It's long been believed that placing a penny in a baby's crib or carriage will cause the baby to grow up to be healthy, wealthy and wise. Coins with holes in them are considered especially lucky. Throwing one cent over your left shoulder into a wishing well or a body of water while making a wish will make that wish come true. Putting the first penny you receive each day into your pocket will attract an increase in cash, while finding a heads up penny means more money will soon come your way. If you find a tails up penny, throw it over your shoulder and never look back. And then make a wish. Giving it to someone else will bring you both good luck! For my money, if you place 49 pennies along with nine one dollar bills on a red background with a red frame in your Wealth area, you should begin to see many more pennies and dollars in your bank account before long.


Jack said...

Hi, Vamp. Just passing through taking a ride on the magic Next Blog carpet. Interesting site. Not really my cup of tea, but I'm always happy to share with an enthusiast.

I, too, was a hardrocker before I got into blues, and liked surf music before that. I note that you like guitarists, and maybe you haven't made the acquaintance of this blues fretburner. Take a look at Guitar Shorty's album, "Watch Your Back." It's much more "rocky" than traditional blues. Bet you'll like it...

Great Days,
- Jack

Vamp said...

Thx Jack for stopping by my blog, I love the blues and of course rock music :)