Saturday, April 30, 2011

Walpurgisnacht May Day Eve & May Day Baskets

Walpurgisnacht May Day Eve & May Day Baskets

Tonight is called Walpurgisnacht, a European spring celebration associated with bonfires and dancing. But, as much as its energies celebrate spring, I'm going to use today to share something about tomorrow. Each spring I share the same timely tip about using the first light of May Day to put yourself in a much more beautiful one. But readers often wish I had shared this information with them a day earlier. So, on this May Day Eve, I want to tell a tale that purports to make you look fresh as the morning dew. Some olden traditions tell that the first thing that you should do on May Day is to go outside and wash your face with the morning dew. Traditionally, young British girls would hurry outdoors in order to gather dew on their hands and then rub it from the top of their heads to the bottom of their necks. This action guaranteed beautiful and glowing skin for the rest of their lives. If all it takes to stay forever young is getting up before the sun, I'm all in!

May Day Baskets

May Day (May 1st) time to celebrate flowers, spring & the coming summer. Tradition has it that by Mother's Day in the U.S. you are safe to plant any kind of seeds and take indoor plants outside for the growing season.

Make a cheery May Day basket made of paper in a cone shape or a tin can one. Fill it with flowers and hang on your door knob. Nice project for the kids.

Link to a tin can version May Day Basket

How are you celebrating May Day?

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