Friday, March 25, 2011

Travel Flow Spell

Travel Flow Spell

When traveling for business, pay attention to the flow of energy. You go and return; you exchange power with other people. It's all about building connections. This spell enhances positive energy flow. For it, you will need a pair of candles—one representing yourself and the other representing whomever you're going to meet—some gold yarn, and a lighter. First, name the candles for yourself and your business partner. Set them up and wrap the yarn around their bases in a figure-eight pattern. Light the candles. Now say:

Golden thread and golden light,
Spin a trail of truth and right.
As we follow, let us see
All the worth in you and me.
As the shadows softly fall,
Let this trip bring good for all.

Meditate for a while on your trip's purpose, then blow out the candles. Carry the string with you when you travel.

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