Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spell To Cheer You Up

Spell To Cheer You Up

For this simple spell you will need an orange candle and
a small circle of paper slightly smaller in diameter than
the base of the candle. Draw a smiling face on the piece
of paper.

Take the candle in your hands and strongly "see" yourself
happy, smiling, cheerful and confident. Then put the smiley
face in a candle holder and push the candle into the holder
on top of the paper. Place the candle in a fireproof
container (a cast iron cauldron would be ideal if you have
one, or otherwise a bowl of damp earth or sand), put the
container in a safe place away from curtains, draughts,
animals and children etc. Light the candle, thinking of
yourself as happy and cheerful as you do so, then leave it
to burn out.

This spell will give you a charge of positive energy which
will lift your spirits and help you through a period of
depression, flatness or tiredness.

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