Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Blogs

My Blogs

I now have (3) blogs on blogspot. I decided to create a blog for my handcrafted jewelry. If you like to see my creations & other artisans's work I may feature and read about jewelry & ideas please subscribe or follow my new blog here.

I divided my interests in 3 parts, three a magical number. I have my rock blog for my boutique which features mostly rock related items, t-shirts, of course my handcrafted jewelry, and magical goods & sales and specials at the boutique.

I have this blog V's Cauldron which is my love of mystical things,magick, recipes, beauty, poetry, my cauldron of things so to speak, hence the name of this blog :) and now my jewelry blog which is a big part of me as well.

Follow along which ever blog you choose or all three! Thank you for being a reader.

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