Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Interview With Dr. David Harrison - Author of The Genesis of Freemasonry

A good friend of mine has written two stellar books on Freemasonry and here is an excellent interview he did. Both books are highly recommended by me. Both books available at Amazon & Amazon UK and soon to be released a hardback version of his second book, The Transformation of Freemasonry.

On The Level - The History of Freemasonry with David Harrison

On the Level - In this video Andrew Selwyn -Crome interviews Historian Dr David Harrison about his book The Genesis of Freemasonry.

Historian Dr David Harrison reconstructs the hidden history of the movement, tracing its roots through a mixture of mediaeval guild societies, alchemy and necromancy. He examines the earliest known Freemasons and their obsessions with Solomon's Temple, alchemy and prophecy to the formation of the Grand Lodge in London, which in turn led to rebellions within the Craft throughout England, especially in York and with the formation of the antients. Harrison also analyses the role of French immigrant Dr Jean Theophilus Desaguliers in the development of English Freemasonry, focussing on his involvement with the formation of the mysterious modern Masonic ritual. All Freemasons and more general readers will find much of interest in this fascinating exploration of the very beginnings of Freemasonry, still one of the most mysterious brotherhoods in the world.

Genesis of Freemasonry [Hardcover]

The Transformation of Freemasonry [Paperback]

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