Monday, January 24, 2011

Seguro Magic Bottle

How to make a Seguro magic bottle

I came upon this and is a nice way to dress up your alter besides it being a magical bottle.

According to South American shamans, a seguro is a friend you can turn to when you need advice and who will share your problems. But you'll never have to buy them a drink or a even a birthday gift, because a seguro is actually a clear glass bottle that contains perfume, sacred water and a selection of plants chosen for their healing or magical qualities.

These bottles are then kept in a 'sacred' space and are held in high esteem as objects that transmit great power. Any time you have a problem simply hold it against your heart and speak to it as you would a treasured friend. The premise here is that the seguro will absorb the energy of the worry or concern and then help to transform those energies into active solutions. According to those same shamans, this plant ally that will offer healing and support to the natural world with all its power and potential.

To create your Seguro magic bottle you'll need a glass bottle about five inches high with a sealable lid or any bottle that you think will fit your contents. Fill this bottle one third full with your favorite perfume and top that off with some sort of 'sacred' water, such as traditional holy water or water from a spiritual spot. Mineral, spring or rainwater can be used as well. Once you've built this base think of the qualities that you would like in your life and of the plants that might bring them to you. Bamboo or jade bring healing to your money agendas while heather brings luck. Goldenrod can also be used for wealth while mums bring fortune and roses bring love. Add whatever plants resonate with you and arrange them attractively. Before sealing the bottle be sure to blow your intentions into it three times. Place your bottle where you can consult with it often and then see how quickly the two of you become inseparable. Your life will change for the positive once seguro has your back. Your friendship with this ally will grow and you'll have a life long companion.

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