Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Romantic Gothic Victorian Jewelry for Valentine's Day

Well here is the fruits of my labor! Been designing, photographing, uploading and finally made the video to my romantic jewelry collection :) I'm excited about it! I think it came out great and conveys what I'd like to say in pictures, enjoy! Oh and don't forget to get yourself or tell your sweetheart which jewelry piece you'd love to have. Buy handmade one of a kind jewelry with lots of love.

Gothic Victorian Romantic Jewelry by Vamp

Gothic Victorian Romantic Jewelry by Vamp - Sweet gifts of love. Enchanting necklaces, chokers, earrings with a vintage flair. Available at ArtFire.Com, Etsy & MysticRock.Net - jewelry inspired by steampunk, gothic, victorian, vintage, rocker styles.

Browse Vamp's jewelry - The Full collection is available at at Vamp's studio - selected styles are available at MysticRock.Net and at Mystic Star Designs at

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