Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Garnet Sweetheart Dangle Earrings by Vamp

Red Garnet Sweetheart Dangle Hearts Earrings

I just finished designing a pair of beautiful garnet heart gemstone dangle earrings and they're available at my ArtFire studio. Take a look and grab these now! They make a beautiful gift for any January birthday and of course Valentine's Day since they are a deep rich wine shade of red and in the shape of little hearts, what a sweet & romantic way to say I love you or I think you are special :)

Garnet January Birthstone Info:

According to ancient legend, anyone who wears the stone that correlates with the month of their birth so that it touches their skin will elicit an entire host of magical boons and bright, big blessings. So if you or anyone you know is celebrating a birthday in January, you should also know that the special gem garnet promises big fortune and lots of luck. In fact, the garnet promises to bring anyone who wears it much more than just those two aforementioned blessings. Long considered a regenerative and healing stone, the garnet is said to also bring increased strength and stamina. It's also believed to be super supportive if you're looking to take some time for yourself, as it aids all restorative efforts at going within in order to stay balanced and in harmony without. Wearing it can also clear your mind of winsome worry while initiating states of complete clarity and compassion. The garnet might also have the ability to dissolve feelings of isolation and alienation and replace them with opportunities to have intimate encounters that inspire, influence and motivate. A true jewel, the garnet is a stabilizing old stone that is strong and sincere. Celebrate the garnet this month!

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