Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dream Journal

Paisley Dream Journal

Do you keep a dream journal? Do you like to interpret your dreams? I don't write down every dream I have, only some that I might want to figure out what they're trying to tell me. Here's some tips on keeping a dream journal. Here's a lovely tree of life celtic design journal that you can use for your dream journal or a diary. Here is another one you might want to use for your dream journal or for a book of shadows.

Dream Journal

Winter is a time of rest and reflection. In keeping with
these quiet rhythms, begin the practice of recording your
dreams in a dream journal. If you've never had luck
remembering your dreams, don't despair, these tips will
improve your dream memory. It's important upon awakening
to immediately record the dream and the emotion you felt
upon awakening. Designate a notebook for this practice.
It also helps to say a prayer or an affirmation, such as,

"I will remember my dream upon awakening
and I will record it."

The last tip is to date the journal before you fall asleep.
This signals your brain that you expect a dream that night.
As a separate practice, journal your thoughts during daylight
hours as to what your dreams might signify. Remember to trust
yourself to know what your dreams symbolize. Sweet dreams!

Source: ADailyTarot

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