Friday, January 14, 2011

Bakers Delight

Bakers Delight!

If you love treats and just baking take a look at this website full of recipes. On the front page list of the top recipes for January, makes your sweet tooth come alive :) Wow recipes like Red Velvet Cake (good for your sweetheart), New York Cheesecake mmmm that's my favorite type of cheesecake & with NO topping just pure cream cheese heaven! Chocolate Chip Cookies, I can just smell them. Another favorite of mine, Shortbread Cookies. Vanilla Cupcakes, Carrot Cake, Pound Cake, Oatmeal Cookies....get the picture & those are the ones featured for January.

There's also recipes for cakes, cookies, muffins, scones, pies & tarts, breakfast & lunch, bars & squares, cupcakes, shortbreads, comfort foods and of course they have a healthy baking category. They have recipes divided up, you can click on chocolate recipes and you get those or helpful info like conversions, ingredients, substitutions etc. It's not just recipes, they have the history & facts of things. I was just reading the page with English Tea Partys. So lots of interesting facts and recipes to peruse.

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