Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Protection Spell & Spell Binder


Sit or stand before any fire.
Look into the flames (or flame if using a candle).
Visualize the fire bathing you with glowing, protective
The fire creates a flaming, shimmering sphere around
If you wish, say the following words:

"Craft the spell in the fire;
Craft it well; Weave it higher.
Weave it now of shining flame;
None shall come to hurt or maim.
None shall pass this fiery wall;
None shall pass No, none at all."

Repeat this every day if needed.

----- SPELL BINDER -----

This is best used at the end of a spoken or written

This adds a certain boost to the releasing of energy.

It also works best if you are wearing a Pentagram
you have attuned to yourself.

Speak these word with all the fibers of your body
while releasing the spell's energy:

"By the Pentagram I wear,
Water, Fire, Earth, and Air,
Ruled by Spirit as All should be
As I speak So Mote It Be!"

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