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(This is one version of how to make a witch bottle, there are many different versions out there. Some use blood (your own instead of the urine that this one requests.) I suppose if you wish to modify this spell it would still work, sort of like a food recipe you alter a bit.)

- 1 jar
- 1 red cloth cut into the shape of a heart
- some of your own hair clippings
- some of your own nail clippings
- 13 iron nails
- 13 black-headed pins
- 1 cup of sea salt

The making of the witch's bottle is very simple
and should be done as early on in your practices
as you possibly can.

Never let another person know that you are making
the bottle, or it's location.

Place all of the items on your altar and take a
few minutes to meditate on magical protection,
for your safety.

Take up your hair and nail clippings and place
them into the jar saying:

"Here do I present myself"

Take up the 13 iron nails and place them into
the jar saying:

"Here are my swords of protection"

Take up the salt and place it into the jar

"Here is salt to purify me"

Take up the red heart-shaped cloth. Hold it high
and say:

"Here is the heart of any who wish me harm"

Stick all 13 black-headed pins into the cloth
heart and say:

"Let any who wish me harm or any who wish me ill,
feel the pain of their own heart's hate,
rebounded by this witch's will"

Place the pin-studded heart into the jar.

Next fill the jar with your own urine. This sounds
revolting, but urine is a powerful fluid-condenser,
and by doing this is symbolic of saying that you
think any spell which is cast against you is a
useless and worthless gesture, and this is the
frame of mind you should take while performing
this act.

When the jar is filled, or at least halfway so,
cork it up with a red tapered candle.

Light the candle and as it burns, it will drip wax
to seal the bottle.

Take it out and bury it somewhere near your home.
Say the following:

"Blessed Mother of the Darkened Moon,
I pray that you grant me this boon.
A bottle of protection do I bury here:
to protect me from those both far and near.
May any curse or magic spell placed on me,
be dispelled. Rebounded on the sender be,
In accordance with the Law of Three."

Once the bottle is buried, it should never be dug
up again. To do so would be to release all of the
negativity that it has absorbed for you.

If another person digs up the bottle, it will not
affect them, as it is designed to absorb negativity
aimed directly to you.

This energy is tied to you and you alone. It cannot
affect another person.

Do not dig up the witch-bottle for any reason.
If you move to a new location, the witch-bottle
will continue to work for you. The witch's bottle
is buried in the earth so that the earth may
ground the energies of the negativity directed
towards you.

One bottle should be all that is needed.

Source: ADailyTarotYahoo

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