Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ritual for Dispelling Darkness

(Do you ever feel that you have lots of negative issues/habits swirling around that you can't seem to get rid of. Chasing you & you ignore them but they don't go away. This spell is to ease your mind and to make you confront the things that are bringing negativity into your life. Release the negative and let positive energy flow.)

Ritual for Dispelling Darkness

The darkest card in the tarot is the Nine of Swords. It depicts someone who is sitting upright in bed holding their head in their hands as if waking from a bad dream. Nine swords hover overhead, perhaps to pierce through the thoughts or images held in our minds. The card expresses anxiety, sleeplessness, and haunting dreams. The key is in altering our perceptions around situations that are disruptive to our peace.

Dispel these dark and ominous swords by performing this simple ritual. On paper, write nine negative thoughts that you are holding. Cut each one into a single strip. Place a small cauldron at your feet with lit incense or, if possible, stand before a burning fire. Toss each negative thought into the flames as you say:

"By the element of fire
I burn away my fear
Releasing it to the flames
Dispelling the darkness
Entrusting the God and Goddess
To show me the light."


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