Thursday, October 07, 2010

Orange County Suite - Jim Morrison Blues

There is something so gothic in the way Jim portrays this song, I love it. The blues sung by Jim Morrison is just soooo bluesy. I can see him in my minds eye like he probably was at the time, by the piano playing & drinking his irish whiskey getting more somber by the moment, more melancholy, so Jim. Morrison in his deep rich voice and singing the blues about a chick (Pam) he once knew and thinking back on how it was/is. Here are the lyrics to the song:

Orange County Suite Lyrics
Artist(Band):The Doors

Well I used to know someone fair
She had orange ribbons in her hair
She was such a trip
She was hardly there
But I loved her
Just the same.
There was rain in our window,
The FM set was ragged
But she could talk, yeah,
We learned to speak
And one year
has gone by
Such a long long road to seek it
All we did was break and freak it
We had all
That lovers ever had
We just blew it
And I'm not sad
Well I'm mad
And I'm bad
And two years
have gone by
Now her world was bright orange
And the fire glowed
And her friend had a baby
And she lived with us
Yeah, we broke through the window
Yeah, we knocked on the door
Her phone would not answer,
Yeah, but she's still home
Now her father has passed over
and her sister is a star
and her mother smokes diamonds
and she sleeps out in the car
Yeah, but she remembers Chicago
The musicians AND guitars
and grass by the lake
and people who laugh'd
and made her poor heart ache
Now we live down in the valley
We work out on the farm
We climb up to the mountains
and everything's fine
and I'm still here
and you're still there
and we're still around

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