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How to Do Petition Magic

Petition Magic & Candle Magic are two forms of magick that are easy to accomplish for the beginner & even an experienced witch uses this form of magic from time to time.

How to Do Petition Magic
By Mackenzie Wright, eHow Contributor

Petition magic is the act of making a request to a Higher Power, usually on paper. Part prayer, part spell, petitioning is a relatively simple yet powerful form of spiritual magic. You don’t need to be a witch, or be highly skilled in the magical arts to perform petition magic, so it is a perfect way for a new practitioner to get started.

Things you will need:
•Pen, or something to write or draw with
•Lighter or matches
•Candle holder
•Heat-proof pot
•Symbol for your Higher Power (optional)

Go somewhere you feel calm and relaxed. Make sure it is somewhere you can sit undisturbed and undistracted for at least a 1/2 hour. Turn off your phone. If you like, burn incense, dim the lights, or play soft, instrumental music. Do whatever will help promote a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere for you.

Place your candle in a candle holder and set it on a table or some surface in front of you. Place the lighter beside it for easy reach. Set the heat-proof bowl next to it. If you like, place a symbol of whatever God, Goddess or Higher Power that you feel a connection with behind the candle. This can be a statue, a picture or even another candle.

Sit before your “altar” and take a few deep breaths, allowing yourself to relax every time you exhale. Clear your mind and get into a semi-meditative state.

Gaze at your symbol or, if you are using a candle as your symbol for your Higher Power, light it. If you have no symbol, simply close your eyes and envision your Higher Power. Say a prayer, asking your Higher Power to be with you now and hear your request.

Spend a few minutes thinking about the thing that you are petitioning for. It might be something tangible like money to pay bills, or something intangible like the strength to help you get through a difficult time. You should not petition for anything that interferes with another person’s free will. For example, don’t petition for someone specific to fall in love with you, or for your annoying neighbors to move. This would be unethical. Instead, you could petition that you find a good mate, or for patience to deal better with your neighbors.

Take your paper and pen and write down what it is that you want. Write as much or as little as you want, but be detailed in your petition. Don't worry about grammar or punctuation, just let it out. You might want to get a special pen reserved for this purpose, but it’s not necessary. You may also prefer to draw instead of write, and that’s okay, too.

Light the candle. Hold the petition in your hands, close your eyes, and begin meditating. As you meditate, visualize in your mind you having that which you desire. Try to see yourself, not receiving it, but what your life will be like after you have received it. Try to feel the feelings you would have once you have what you seek. Hold this image in your mind and these feelings for at least 15 minutes, or as long as you can.

Hold up your paper when you feel ready. You might want to say a prayer at this point to ask your Higher Power that your petition be granted in whatever way that it would work out best. Light the paper on the candle. Place the burning paper in the heat-proof vessel and allow it to burn out.

Thank your Higher Power, blow out the candles and bury the ashes. Trust that in some way your prayer will be answered and something will come to improve your situation. In the following weeks, keep your eyes open for opportunities that may be sent to you.

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