Thursday, October 21, 2010

Heal a Broken Heart Spell

Heal a Broken Heart Spell

Now as the trees begin to lose their leaves, this spell will
help you let go of the pain caused by a broken heart. Time is
the best cure for a broken heart, but to begin the healing
process, try this spell. As the natural world is beginning to
prepare for its winter rest, this charm draws upon these
seasonal energies to help dissolve your pain.

To begin, go to a quiet area and find a stone that you are
drawn to. Hold the stone tightly, feel your hurt entering the
stone, and follow the instructions in this verse:

"When wild geese are flying,
And the fields are dying,
When frost lies white upon the ground,
Go to a grove, where ancient trees can be found.
And there, bury your stone beneath the fallen leaves.
Release the pain, and the Earth will consume your grief.
It is done."

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