Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Samhain Witch's New Year

On this special day, I lite my altar candles, burned incense and meditated in front of my altar and reflected silently and wrote this poem/prose for the occasion...enjoy!

Happy Samhain Witch's New Year

on this day when light gives way to darkness
we enter another year

another year to embrace
another year on my face
another year on my soul
another year to grow old
another year not to fear
another year the witch's new year

honor the Goddess and the God
honor all that has past
honor all the people and animals we have loved
honor and give thanks to our yesterdays
our lessons learned and wisdom earned
our memories we made
treasure each and every day

today we let go of things we no longer need
and make way for the new in our lives
as we plant the new seeds
so mote it be

By Vee - October 31 2010

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