Friday, September 17, 2010

Mother's Ocean Bounty Spell

If you love sea magic & you want an ocean charm for prosperity this spell/charm is both easy to do and a beautiful gift from the ocean.

I've made many beach in a jar for friends to gaze upon & dream and feel the free flowing spirit of when you're near the ocean. The serenity in walking along the beach early in the morning or late after the sun begins to set. The magick of the sea is very potent...let it fill you with it's cleansing power & let your spirit soar like a seagull.

Mother's Ocean Bounty Spell

The ocean seems infinite. Wave upon wave washes upon its shore, bringing offerings of her vast bounty in the form of shells. Call upon the vastness of the ocean for extra prosperity.

You will need a decorative glass jar, some shells and sand, and some ocean water. Fill the bottom of the jar with about an inch of sand.
Begin filling the jar the rest of the way to the top with the shells while chanting the following:

Mother, Mother,
hear my plea.
Send to me

Finish with "This is my will, so mote it be" as you gently pour the water into the jar. Seal the jar and set it where it can catch the Moon's light.
Place it in a spot on your desk or near where you pay bills. One night a month set the jar in the light of the waxing Moon.

Spell source: ADAILYTAROT

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