Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Steampunk Key Locket Copper Horn Necklace

Steampunk Key Locket Copper Horn Necklace

One of my latest creations - a very cool Steampunk necklace, with copper good luck horn, silver tone locket, brass key and silvertone chain. I mixed all different colored metals to get this unique necklace. I like all the colors of the different metals. By mixing different metals you can wear with almost anything you already have in your jewelry box, provided it has a industrial look to it. You'll be able to mix and match it with lots of your other rocker and steampunk jewelry. Visit my ArtFire Studio and add this one of a kind necklace to your collection today! To see all my creations on ArtFire click here


tick tock goes the clock
and whistle does the steam

In the future that never was
In this dream within a dream

Steam is the King in this future of the past
Airship Pirates and things made of brass

Watches and Cogs sewn into clothes
Victorian corsets, goggles, anything goes

Dirigibles, Horses, Steam engine trains
Going for tea and gentlemen’s canes

Bringing the past into our time
Downgrading the present to simpler times

Rayguns by the explorers side
Let’s bring the automaton alive

rebubble.com 'steampunk' by LibraryDrone

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