Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blessing Seeds

Blessing Seeds

Seeds and bulbs have always been considered talismans or charms of
life. They are the core of green growing things and as such are the
very essence of magic. It is important to bond with your seeds and
so prepare them for their roles in your garden with love. All things
respond to love. To begin this relationship, it is traditional to
keep the seeds in or under one's mattress or pillow for three days,
and only love and peace can occur in that bed during that time!
In short, treat your seeds like your children!

It is said one should wrap them in white cotton cloth to bless them.
It is traditional to greet the seeds in the morning and tell them
good night after your lights are turned off. During the three days
they are with you, talk to the seeds and encourage them to grow and
be happy and live up to their full potential. Tell them how happy
they make you and how you will bring them into your life...

When you plant them, it is an old practice to shed a tear or two into
the Earth where you plant. Just as children depart the home to grow
and prosper, so should you see your seeds as your little green

Source: ADailyTarotYahooGroup

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