Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spell to Invite love into your life

Spell to Invite love into your life

Materials required =

Two red Roses
Dried jasmine flowers and Rose petals
One Red candle
One foot of red ribbon.

Find yourself a convenient place to
work your spell.

Use a table for your altar.

On the left side of the table place
one of the roses which represents you.

On the right side of the table place
the other rose which represents the
invitation of Love.

In the centre stand your red candle.

Make a heart shape of jasmine and Rose
petals around your candle.

Hold the candle and clearly visualise
pure love coming into your life.

Be accurate in your visions, make
sure that you are inviting love into
your life and not a particular person.

Focus your mind on the kind of
qualities such a person will have
to share with you

To be Honest, kind, caring, understanding
and loving are some that spring to my mind.

When you have completed your visualisation,
light the candle and repeat the following

"Within my mind I can see,
Thou art my love in front of me.
Inside thy soul a flame burns bright,
Encompassed with thy love of light.
Entice me with your heart so bold,
The secret of this love untold.
Thy fated future Entwined to be,
A love secure for you and me."

Using the ribbon, tie the two rose
buds together and place in a vase.
Allow the candle to burn down and
the rose buds to open.

As this takes place a new love will
come into your life.

Source: ADailyTarot YahooGroup

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