Saturday, July 10, 2010

Christmas in July Sale @ Mystic Star Designs

Christmas in July Sale @ Mystic Star Designs on Etsy

I know it's no where near Christmas shopping season, but NOW is a good time to start shopping for Christmas! Why, because you are less stressed out, you're not trying to rush and do everything at once, like you do during the holiday mad rush. You also get to stretch your dollars if you start EARLY! So this is our deal for YOU...

Stop by our shop Mystic Star Designs browse and get a couple of gifts, put them away and it's a few less gifts you will have to shop for when the holiday shopping season gets here.

We are offering FREE shipping when you buy 2 jewelry pieces - can be two pairs of earrings, or two necklace or mix and match a necklace and a pair of earrings, what ever you like. Lots of our jewelry is also on SALE right now so you can get a few more pieces that way.

(To shop at any Etsy shop you will need to register/create an account on Etsy. It's very easy to do and you will be glad you discovered a site that has so many beautiful handmade quality items. See you there!)

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