Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar Snap Peas

Do you love sugar snap peas? I absolutely love them fresh. I especially love eating them raw, just wash them and pop them in your mouth mmmm sweet and crunchy! They're also great in salads or as a side vegie with dinner. Even if you don't grow some in your garden you can pick some at your local grocery store and still enjoy this vegie. Here are some tips I found useful.


Select bright green, flat, tender pods. Avoid pods with decay.
If peas are developed, use as for green peas. How much to buy?
A pound of snap peas equals about 15 pods or 1 cup. Store
sugar snap peas in vegetable crisper up to 1-3 days.

Sugar snap peas have strings that must be removed before eating.
To do this, pinch the very tip of the pea, getting hold of the
string. Pull the string up the straightest side toward the stem
end; pinch off the stem end and continue pulling the string until
there is no more. Eat them whole or eat pods and peas separately.

Uncooked Sugar Snap Peas make scrumptious additions to any dish.
Just snap them like green beans, or slice them lengthwise or in
chunks for salads. Use whole as dippers or fill the crisp pods
as you would fill celery sticks.

Sugar Snap Peas require very little cooking (just 2 minutes at a
simmer is enough) whether in the fresh or frozen state. If
overcooked the pods soften and the flavor is destroyed.

Source: Daily Recipe

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