Thursday, April 01, 2010

Scented Stones/Dream Pillows Spell

Scented Stones

Collect or purchase, smooth, porous pebbles, then use a cotton swab
to paint them with a combination of 8 drops each Ginger and Jasmine
essential oils. Refresh as needed.
You may also use your favorite essential oils.
Place these fragrant stones in decorative bowls, add them to a
miniature sand garden or arrange them around the edge of a tabletop
water fountain.


Moon Day Dream Pillows Spell

Prepare for psychic dreams tonight! Make a dream pillow by mixing some or all of the following herbs to make a cupful: (the first two are required) mugwort, lavender, rose petals, catnip, chamomile, jasmine, orange blossoms, and buckwheat hulls. Sew them up in a small rectangle of Moon-and-star printed cloth. Stuff the dream pillow into your pillowcase with your usual pillow. Before sleep, tell yourself that you will remember your dreams. Place a small notebook and pen by the bed so you can record the dreams you remember when you wake up in the morning. Continue using the dream pillow for best results.


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