Monday, March 29, 2010

Witch Black Cauldron

The Witch Cauldron

A cauldron or caldron (from Latin caldarium, hot bath) is a large metal pot (kettle) for cooking and/or boiling over an open fire, with a large mouth and frequently with an arc-shaped hanger. It is a symbol of the womb of the Goddess and rebirth as it was in ancient British Celtic religion and is sacred to the Goddess.* (Wiki)*

Cauldrons have been around for a very long time, since days of old. You see a cauldron and what comes to mind but witches & magick. A witch and a cauldron go hand in hand. Every Witch needs a cauldron in her home...whether it be a small one or a large one.

The most popular cauldrons are made of black cast iron & will last a very long time, which makes them a good investment or purchase. Some cauldrons may be used in cooking. In days of old people always cooked in cast iron pots over a fire. Picture a long simmering beef stew cooking in a cauldron.

Cauldrons come in a few diffrent styles. Some with small/short legs and others that are flat bottom and no legs. Some have covers & handles, others with no covers just handles.

The cauldron is essential for petition magick, scrying, burning incense or even to hold candles. Most witches keep one near their altar and one in the kitchen to either cook in or keep other items or use as a decorative item with a potted plant.

Mystic Rock Boutique has an adorable small black cast iron 4 inch cauldron that would make a nice addition to any magical person's home. Check out The Witch Cauldron .

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