Friday, March 05, 2010

Mystic Rock Boutique

Mystic Rock Boutique

Besides classic rock tees & rock n roll merchandise Mystic Rock Boutique carries Mystical & Gothic wares. Here is a sample of what you can find at our boutique.

Mystical & Magical Items:

We carry a variety of Mystical & Gothic type items, some are hand made, hand crafted items for your home decor and personal magick space. Divination tools, Witchy gifts, Mystical tapestrys, Wiccan, Pagan ritual supplys like empowered ritual candles, scented votives, pillar candles, oils, perfume oil, incense, incense burners, tarot cards, amulets, talismans, Goddess dolls, mystic bath soaps, travel portable altar boxes, witchy signs and plaques, fantasy whimsical signs, pentagram tricket boxes, tarot bags, fairys, mermaids, dragons, pagan stickers, witchy buttons/pins, Goddess patches & stickers, Celtic altar tarot cloths, Witch hats, fairy magnets, Celestial chimes, Book of Shadows, journals, pendulums, crystals, cauldrons, decorative Witch brooms, Witch spell bottles, Wish bottles, Pagan Wiccan jewelry, witchy gothic socks, fairy cosmetic bags, Greenman bags, tote bags and more!

Visit our website and see what's brewing! Mystic Rock Boutique

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