Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lemon/Lavender Bath Sachet - Magically Delightful Mystic Soaps

Lemon and Lavender Bath Sachet

Fresh Lavender
Fresh Lemon Verbena
Ground Oatmeal

Directions:Place herbs and oatmeal in the center of a piece of muslin. Fold the sides up and tie with string. Hang from the faucet as you fill your bath tub.

What a lovely way to relax. Anytime you take the extra time to take a bath instead of a shower you benefit by nourishing your soul as well as pampering yourself. At Mystic Rock Boutique we have magically delightful mystic scented soaps, a perfect gift (no sizing involved) for anytime you want to show you care about the person you are giving the gift to. Luxury at a nice price.

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