Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Juniper Berry Healing Amulet & Ritual Candles For Healing

Juniper Berry Healing Amulet

You will need:

Juniper Berries
Copper beads
Green thread
Sewing needle

On a Sunday with the Moon on a wax, gather your items for
this healing amulet (necklace) Prepare your green thread
as ready to darn, use about 18 inches of thread, start threading
your Juniper berries by pressing the needle on the non stem end,
you will find it works best this way.

String nine Juniper berries than 3 copper beads (seed beads work best)
as you work visualize healing energy for you or the person you are
making the amulet for. Chant the incantation below as you work:

"Juniper berries & copper beads
Bring to me the health I need.
I enchant you now, as I sew.
Good health again I want to know."

Tie off your amulet and wear, hang or hold for healing magic.

To give your spell that extra boost use our ritually charged candles for healing while working your magick. Ritual Candle for healing at Mystic Rock Boutique

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