Thursday, March 25, 2010

Celebrate the Goddess Ritual

Celebrate the Goddess Ritual

Some ancient calendars regarded this date as the Spring Equinox. By some accounts this is the day Attis, the lover of the Mother Goddess, was resurrected. Therefore, on this day of rebirth and feminine power, you should use the following ritual to energize yourself for spring and connect you with the Goddess. On your altar, place spring flowers and light a cream-colored candle. Before these place a small dish of soil, and say:

Caring Earth Mother, guardian of house and home;
I honor you as Maiden, Mother, and Crone,
As the Earth is plowed and life begins anew.
I ask for your blessing in all that I do.

Then, toast the Goddess with sweet white wine or grape juice.

Source: ADAilyTarotYahooGroup

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