Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tangerines /Crafts


RULER: Hermes

TYPE: Fruit

MAGICKAL FORM: Fresh, peel

Dry the peel and add to love spells to invoke a lover who is
also a true friend. Eat one to improve your mood or spray the fragrance in a
room to create a cheerful relaxing atmosphere.

CRAFTS - Easy Fun & Green

Clove Pomander – This craft is an oldie but a goodie, and it’ll make your house smell wonderful. Take a navel orange, a tangerine, or any other citrus (never tried it with a grapefruit…), tie a length of string around it, and buy a large bag of whole cloves. Check out your local health food store or co-op for bulk cloves. Insert the cloves up to their head into the orange, and repeat until the whole orange is covered. Hang these in closets, pantries, or bathrooms, or put into your clothes drawers to scent your wardrobe.

Popcorn Garland – Stringing popcorn garlands and hanging them on your outside trees will make your neighborhood birds and squirrels very happy. Simply pop a batch of popcorn, thread a medium sized needle with cotton thread, and start stringing! Add raisins or dried cranberries to your garland every so often, or make a pattern with the dried fruit. Hanging these edible garlands onto your Christmas tree gives it an organic look and feel.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder - Remember this? Take a large pine cone, wrap a wire for hanging around the top, smear peanut butter into the crevices, and roll in bird seed. Dried fruit can be added to spice it up a bit. Mount these solidly to a fence so the squirrels don’t run off with it, or hang in front of a window so you get a good show at dinnertime.


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