Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Talisman for Love

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A Talisman for Love

To make a talisman to draw new love into your life you will need a Moon-drenched night, preferably during a Full Moon, and a needle and thread and some pink or red felt. Sew the felt into a small pouch, and place items magically charged to draw love—love letters, your nail clippings, song lyrics, and love herbs such as vanilla, rue, myrtle, violet, rose, apricot, apple, yarrow, rosemary, thyme, meadowsweet, lemon, dragon’s blood, clove, or dill. A rose or clear quartz crystal may also be added. Sew up the pouch while the light of the Moon washes over it and say: “By my hands the spell is begun; love comes to me through what I have done.” Rededicate the talisman at each Full Moon and carry it with you until you find the love you seek.

by Edain McCoy

from Spell-a-Day Almanacs

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