Thursday, February 25, 2010

Magickal Properties of Herbs - Flowers - Plants & More

Here is a nice site that shows you all the magickal properties associated with herbs, flowers, plants, trees, fruits and nuts.

For example:

Did you know that Avocado's magickal properties are – beauty, love, lust. Eating more Avocados will give you the feeling of being beautiful, loving and maybe even a bit frisky ;) Hmm and I love avocados in my tossed salads :) I love the taste - that rich buttery delicious sexy taste, come to think of it I can understand the love and lust part of it.

Did you know that Basil's magickal properties are – exorcism, love, protection, prosperity, & wealth. It's a nice plant to grow and give you that nice taste in your italian dishes. It's a great herb for many magickal spells as well.

So check this site out for herbal magickal correspondences.

If you feel like I do that witches that work with herbs and plants are healers you might like this button/pin available at Mystic Rock Boutique check it out and get one!

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