Friday, February 05, 2010

How to make a scrying mirror

How to make a scrying mirror:

You may use a 5X7 or 8X10 picture frame. I prefer either a silver
frame or a wooden frame which can be painted black (use a flat black
paint rather than glossy as the glossy paint can be distracting) .
Remove the glass and paint with a glossy black enamel. This will take
several coats. Allow each coat to dry before repainting. Only paint
one side. When the paint is dry, put the glass (with the painted side
on the inside) back in the frame. I like to make a mugwort tea to
wash the mirror but you may use anything but a glass cleaner with
ammonia. I have not tried vinegar as a cleaner but do not think it would hurt.

To Use Mirror:
I like to set 2 black candles, one on each side slightly in back of
mirror. Be sure your room is dark. When looking into the mirror try
not to stare. I try to look beyond or slightly out of focus, you
might try to look slightly above the mirror. Have pen and paper handy
and write down images you see. You might even see letters.

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