Saturday, January 23, 2010

Plantable Blooms Spell

Plantable Blooms Spell & Writing Paper

Only $2 for each paper

Write it, cast it, send it, plant it! Versatile, powerful, and bursting with green beauty.

All sheets include a hearty and diverse mix of annual and perennial wildflower seeds.

Use it to cast a spell by writing your intent on a piece of a sheet (making each piece long lasting), and then place the sheet in the ground. Ask for the energy of the earth to aid you in manifesting your intention. As you tend to the ground, focus on your desire. Soon you will find that not only has your planted paper sprouted, but your intention will begin to manifest itself in your life!

Use it as a special stationary to write letters to friends and loved ones. After they read they can plant your letter and sprout a beautiful reminder of you and your love for them right in their own space.

Can be grown indoors or out as long as there is good light. Can be planted in the ground or in pots. The choice is yours!

Seed paper is available in 8.5" x 11" sheets

(What a novel idea...awesome really and the price is very affordable. It gives your spell that little boost to manifest itself, helping you focus on your intention and watching your little seeds sprout into manifestation.)

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