Monday, December 28, 2009

How to Air Dry Herbs |

How to Air Dry Herbs |

Step 1
Collect your fresh cut herbs. Now make small bundles of the fresh leafy branches. If you bunch too many together, it will take longer to dry and you risk loosing the whole bunch to mold. :(

Wrap the bottom ends together using a rubber band. A rubber band is better than string, twine, or anything like that and here's why. As the herbs dry out, they will shrink in size. If they are tied with something other than a rubber band or elastic cord, they may slip right out and fall. Yuck!

Now, using the twine, string or whatever, tie up your herb bundles in a dry, dim location. Make sure they are far enough apart so they have plenty of air circulation between bunches. Hang with stems pointing up.

Leave them to dry for 5 days to a couple of weeks depending upon the herbs used. Take them down when they are just about dry. Don't wait until they're so dry they crumble at the slightest touch. Gently remove the leaves from the stems and store in a glass air-tight container.

When you're ready to use the herbs, crumble them up a bit more fine and enjoy!

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