Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Decorating Tips


(Came across these ideas and thought I would add them to the blog for
others to get some decorating and entertaining tips for the holiday.)

* Use small or mini ornaments as accents. They are great for
things like ceiling fan pulls, curtain ties, attaching to
napkin rings, accenting house plant pots, attached to candle
holders, let your imagination go.

* If you have access to a holly tree or to mistletoe, use
it liberally. Accent picture frames and wall hangings,
doorways, cabinet tops, centerpieces. Hang sprays
of it everywhere, even in the bathroom.

* Nothing enhances the holiday mood like the smells of
Christmas. Use Christmas potpourri, air fresheners, scented
candles, plug ins, etc. Tie cinnamon sticks to a sprig of
holly with festive ribbon and lie them around the house and
hang them on the tree. Cloves add wonderful scent to the
holiday home.

* Have holiday music on hand and play it constantly.

* Pine cones! Put them everywhere. In baskets, on tables, on
mantles, on the bathroom counter. Pine cones are beautiful
holiday accents plain or decorated.

* Ribbons and bows are a versatile part of holiday decorating.
Buy several spools of ribbon and use it everywhere. Tie it
around the kitchen cabinets and attach a small classy bow in
the front, tie them around finger tip towels and napkins,
lamp shades, throw pillows, just use your imagination.

* Candles make a beautiful addition to any decor....all kinds!
Even if you never light a candle its presence alone suggests
warmth. With small children around its often not safe to have
them lit.



It's great to have all types of nibblers and other
appetizers for parties and potlucks but when you're
spreading out dinner you've got to be careful of
overstuffing people before the meal...that's what
Thanksgiving was for. You spent all kinds of time
carefully preparing and want to make sure everyone
has a chance to enjoy. So, today I'm including a fitting
appetizer for before the meal....BACON WRAPPED CHESTNUTS.
Another handy idea is a fruit/cheese tray, a simple
cheese ball with crackers/vegetables or even some
deviled eggs fancied up with a piece of shrimp and
parsley on top of each.

Source: TheDailyRecipe

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